Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Law of Attraction and Dates

So I was complaining to my friend on Sunday about how I want a certain guy at church to ask me on a date.

She said I should post it as my status update on Facebook. Funny, Rachel. Very funny.

Then I was complaining to my mom about two different guys and how they are being stupid and lazy. I then complained even more about the same person as I discussed on Sunday. I believe I said something about him being really cute, having really good style... I made verbal note of the fact that he has commented my pictures on Facebook and that we have similar taste in music. That he's shown an increased interest, at least in the Social Networking realm. And then, "But I don't know why he hasn't asked me on a date! I just want him to ask me on a date! Why are boys so dumb?"

I think if you say, "I want so-and-so to ask me out" enough times, it will happen.

Because right when I got done complaining at my madre, I noticed that said boy from the ward had sent me a Facebook message to see if I am busy on Wednesday night.

I began to rejoice and do a little "I win" shimmy. Then I called my mom with the news of my victory.

We'll see what tricks he's got up his sleeve, hm?

I's excited.

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