Monday, March 21, 2011

Punch School in the Face

This project for my class was not that hard. Really.

Choose a topic.

Find 5-6 articles about it.

Make an annotated bibliography.

Do 6-8 lesson plans teaching whatever comprehension strategy you chose.

And yet I let it hang over my head until the day before it was due.

I started at about 4:30. 

I got 5 and a half of 6 lesson plans done by 7:40 when I left to visit teach. I finished the 6th one at 9 PM, within fifteen minutes after I got home.

After I finished, I felt such a huge weight lifted off of my shoulders.

I was so excited and had so much energy that I decided to rock out to Marilyn Manson in my car on my way to and from rewarding myself with a fatty treat. Seriously. It felt so good to have it done.

The project wasn't that bad. I really don't know why I put it off till the day before it was due. I'm such a freak about checklists that if something is lingering on my list for a while it starts to give me anxiety and weighs on me a lot. I should have done it way before now so that I wouldn't have been so stressed. Relieving myself of the weight earlier would have been a wise decision.

Blah blah blah. Shoulda woulda coulda.

But now it is finished. And I get to move on to grading 120 essays. By Sunday.


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