Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Drysher

I have lived in Utah since August 2005. I have now been here for 5 years and 7 months.

A majority of that time, I have done my laundry on a weekly basis by carrying my dirty clothes to my grandma's house. Living on the third floor and trying to remember everything that I need cleaned that week was kind of stressful--and heavy, and wearing heels because of church always made it more fun. But I was glad to have a place to do my laundry for free.

The weeks where I didn't go to grandma's or she was out of town or something, I'd have to pay to do it at my complex. It's terribly inconvenient and expensive!

When I moved in, I used my washer and dryer closet in my apartment for basic storage. Nothing over the top, just two book cases full of books and random odds and ends (sweep, mop, extra tv, paper towels, etc.).

So when I was looking at my friend's classified ad on KSL this morning, I thought I'd check on washer and dryer deals out of curiosity.

Lo and behold, a washer and dryer for $200, plus delivery and installation.

I was ALL over that.

I left work on time and headed to Big! Lots. I needed to make sure I had room in my bedroom closet for the stuff I was going to be moving out of the laundry closet. So I got a laundry hamper that hangs on the door and a new shoe rack (I can't find the hangers for my other one *tear*).

My uncle Bry called to say that he didn't have a ride over, so I had to go down to Draper to get him. I'm glad I did because A. I didn't want to end up in a trash bag somewhere and B. I wouldn't have known how to finish hooking up the dryer.

So we got back and hurriedly rearranged my apartment. We moved my table and chairs out of the way and moved everything out of the closet and into various places.

My two bookshelves ended up in my bedroom on some empty walls. I buy in bulk so some things are hard to store. Like my huge thing of Brawny paper towels. That fits in my closet just fine. My extra TV also. My vacuum is in my room too.

I have to say what I am most impressed with is that I have more room and organization in my bedroom closet than when I started. haha. That's kind of sad. But sometimes you've got to get more stuff to organize what was already there. My closet is so clean and easy to walk into! No hamper on the floor anymore.

My room feels way more crowded now, but such is life I guess. Maybe when I can find one I'll get the under the bed shoe container. That's originally what I wanted, but I couldn't find it at Big! Lots; they just had it a few months ago! Oh well. When I get one, I really think that will make a big difference in feeling like I have more space.

So! after postponing about three times, homeboy from Farmington came with my appliances at about quarter till 7.

Bry helped him get the stuff in and hooked up. But there was no foil dryer hose. The menfolk made it sound like it was no big deal.

So Bry and I were off to Wal-Mart, where we picked up a hose. When we got back, Bry realized that we needed a hose clamp. Uh. I had no idea what that was.

So we head to Fresh Market to see if they have it. Nope. (Well, they did, but they were too small.)

Big! Lots? Nope.

Gas station? (he said he had seen them at gas stations). Nope.

7-Eleven? Nope.

Rite Aid? Nope.

Dudes, seriously. We stopped at all those places and could've saved like 45 minutes if we had just gone straight back to Wal-Mart where we finally found the damn hose clamp for $1.97. 

So back to my apartment at 8:40, finally... ORDEAL of the century! He finished hooking up my stuff, and I put up two coat/hat hangers that I got at Big! Lots. One is for my aprons. The other is for hanging coats by the door. I think I will hang up some more. Kind of sad that I'm just now thinking of this as springtime rolls in. Oops.

Anyway, my apartment looks like nothing ever happened (except my bedroom). No mess anywhere. And a washer and dryer at my disposal.

This is going to be SO nice... They belong to ME. And I don't have to carry my dirty laundry anywhere or up and down stairs! It's such a relief.

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