Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Going Private Out of Necessity

Part 1:

Well, a student found my blog.

I'm not sure what the heck is up with these stalker children, but I am tired of it. I'm tired of the Facebook and MySpace friend requests. I'm tired of them looking through the little that I have public so that they can do detective work on my love life. What in the world? Since when did kids care that much about their teachers' lives?

Today in sixth period, they started trying to get me to talk. "What's your favorite song?" "I have a lot of favorite songs." "Well then who's your favorite band?" And then somewhat randomly, my stalker student goes, "Do you like Josh-Joshua-Rad-Radin, or whatever?" And I'm a Slowy Slowerton so I didn't catch on. I said that I love Joshua Radin and have seen him twice and have a picture with him. So yes I love him.

Then after class, said stalker told me he and his friend found my blog, and the blog of my ex. What in the world?! No wonder he asked about Joshua Radin. The song on my blog is by Josh.

*Audible sigh*

Part 2:

Here at the end of the school year I'm able to see my students' growth from the beginning of the year to the end of the year. I wasn't even anticipating this, but it's making me remember why I wanted to do this! I get to see their progress and their growth and their learning.

I have had some amazing teaching moments today alone as I've had very brief conferences with my students regarding their essays. Many have stayed after school to get extra help (more than usual)! Many have returned with a draft that was fabulous after receiving help. Many have improved significantly since the first essay or two. It must be all the class time I'm giving, plus the outline. They love that darn outline. :) I have kids who normally procrastinate doing their things on time and doing them 110% better than their past essays. I have kids who struggle with clarity in the English language being much clearer and more organized.

I should note that I've made it a personal goal to continue to increase my patience (which I have very little of to begin with), and to increase the amount of positive feedback I give. I found something good about every essay I looked at today. And I had two or three kids actually smile in total satisfaction with themselves. They were so glad that certain things about their paper were so good! One girl (she's an ESL girl) kept smiling and kept saying thank you--she was so excited to be catching on, and to be doing it so much better.

I'm SO glad they are learning these writing skills. I'm SO glad that so many of them are "getting it" this time. I love seeing their faces light up and their smiles spread across their face when I tell them something good. These "light bulb" moments bring me so much joy. This job is so awesome.


Back to part 1:

So, to my student stalker, and to all my other stalkers, I am happy to have you be so interested in my life. But since I can't have my students reading about themselves, I will be taking this blog private. Please submit in a comment or email to me (applesauce37@aim.com) your email address if you'd like to be invited to my soon-to-be-private blog. Seriously, even if I don't know you, or if I don't like you, I have no problem with you reading my blog--as long as you're not my student. I won't be surprised or offended by your request--the more the merrier.

Loves from the Ever-Improving Teacher...

*Addendum: I will need your emails within a week! Come one, come all!


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