Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Red Faces, TV Shows, and Students

American Idol eats up a lot of my time. When I am on a regular salary I will have TiVo. That's all there is to it.

After the gym, my face gets really red. My ex-fiancee once told me that after a 5:30 AM workout. I sure felt pretty. haha. I re-noticed today as I glanced at the mirror while leaving the gym. Red faced Nae.

Glee starts again in less than a month.

I'm going home in a few weeks. I will visit the beach.

I am assigning an essay that I'll have to grade over spring break. Oh well. I can knock those suckers out at three minutes each.

I'm immensely enjoying this spring teaser Utah's giving me. 60-64° and sunny is totally OK with me. 

I've lost seven pounds. I'm cool.

I'm home sick. 

I got a sweet deal on my new favorite soda today. $5 for a 20 can pack of Coke Zero. I'm not a chronic soda drinker or a caffeine addict. I just enjoy the lack of calories in this delicious drink. Don't worry though, water abounds in my system. 

On that note, my coworker Philip told me that one time, a customer was giving him a bad time about how diet soda can give you cancer. And he said, "Yeah, well... When I weighed the options of dying from obesity versus dying from cancer, I thought cancer would be better." Philip makes me laugh.

So does Ellen DeGeneres. Her self-jab at her lesbianism tonight on Idol was funny. Something about how most females get excited before he even starts singing, and then "people like her..." Ah ha ha. Chuckle chuckle.

Since Lilly Scott is off Idol I'm throwing in my lot with Siobhan Magnus. She's awesome. Got that Adam Lambert falsetto happening.

Also, I hate grading late work. I just thought you'd want to know.

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Karli Woolley said...

1) You are welcome to raid my tivo whenever you please. I always leave my door unlocked and I've been really good at making my bed.
2) Take me with you to the beach.
3) I've lost 7 too. Let's be friends.
4) Macey's has 5 12 packs of coke product for $14 right now. Although my drink of choice is Diet Coke, it's close enough that I can share that gem of info with you.
5) I'd rather die of cancer than obesity as well.