Thursday, March 25, 2010

Love and Basketball

I haven't gone out to eat like... at all... in the last month or so.

But I have been to the movies a few times.

I love spending my money on movies.

I've run out of space on my movie shelves.

Normally I buy my movies 3 for $20 at Blockbuster because I get dibs, ya know. I rarely buy movies new unless they're at a killer price.

But today, I pre-ordered my copy of Avatar because I love it so freakin' much. I got the two disc DVD/Blu-Ray edition for $24.99. That's super cheap. Used 1-disc Blu-Rays cost that same price so I'm pretty excited.

In order to get free shipping I decided to fork out an extra $2 or so and buy Wimbledon because my husband Paul Bettany is in it.

Um, a few minutes later I decided I really must own Finding Nemo, so I bought that used online through FYE (every time I check in the store they don't have it). $10.99 (plus shipping).

Somebody stop me!

Really though I'm very excited about my Avatar. Inexplicably excited!

On an entirely separate note...

The faculty vs. students basketball game was today. I don't know what the score ended up being but a student asked his friend in the hall, and he responded, "Bitch-ass teachers."

Wow. I'm not really sure what that means, even in middle school speak. Not sure I care because mostly I was focusing on the linguistic breakdown of his response and couldn't come up with anything sensible.

Also, a week later I am still sick--even worse than a couple of days ago. I think maybe I shouldn't work out today. Just a thought.

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Fraser's and Co. said...

You could have worked out today... playing basketball!! I've been laughing for 5 minutes about the students' comment. The game ended up a tie, but that will live to be debated for eons. Just ask the students. They will tell you we cheated even though the calls were 25-2 (yes I was counting) in their favor. get feeling better. don't forget lit. mtg... OR intentionally forget, and do something enjoyable with your morning