Saturday, March 13, 2010

Tim Burton's Done it Again

My man Tim Burton didn't let me down with Alice in Wonderland. I saw it with my roommate tonight.

I thought it was beautiful and brilliant and funny and so good.

I don't want to lose an hour tonight but I LOVE having the daylight last longer. I'd rather have it this way than dark at 5 PM. Keep that in mind, kids.

Also I just want to add that Alice had many advantages while she was in her smallest state of being. So the next time y'all want to hate on me for being five feet tall, you just remember... Short people represent!

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Brianne said...

I'm surprised you liked it. I really didn't. I mean it definitely had strengths visually, but man...the story had some problems. Well, I'm not going to bash it or anything, I am just surprised. :)