Monday, March 29, 2010

Kinko's Holds Jump Drive Hostage

Kinko's, renowned for its quality copies, has been known to hold jump drives hostage after being accessed for printing.

Customers are frequently surprised and inconvenienced by this fact once they have arrived home and look for their beloved flash drives. "It's not in my pocket!" one Kinko's customer reported on Saturday after having made a brief trip.

Upon retrieval of the flash drive, the employees at one particular location (University Parkway at Brigham's Landing) act as though it is the customers' fault that they had left their jump drives there. "I think you've left this same one here before," one employee said to a customer this morning. "Indeed I have," replied the customer, a bit irritated by this employee's comment.


Seriously though?

At Blockbuster, I remember to take the locks out of movies before letting the customer go home. Otherwise they come back unable to open their movie cases. If they walked back in with their movies still locked, should I say, "You forgot to have us take out the locks again, huh?" Like it's the customers' job to remember this. After scanning a Blockbuster card to bring up an account, I hand the card right back to the customer. I formed this habit so that customers could never blame me for not giving their card back. Also, customers frequently forget their Blockbuster cards, keys, or credit cards on the counter, and I shout at them to come back and get it. I'm used to watching for this situation so that they don't forget what belongs to them.

Do you see my point yet?

If you work at Kinko's, and people often forget their jump drives, then wouldn't it make sense that you'd have a routine set up to give the jump drive right back to the customer? Why would an employee make a stupid comment like that when it should be their job to remember to give the drive back?

"You forgot your jump drive another time, huh?" Yeah, because it's your job to give it back, idiot.

Needless to say, I'll be monitoring my jump drive retrieval much more carefully now, since apparently Kinko's employees expect that of me.

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