Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I Want to Hear You Upbeat!

So here I am... Feeling pretty good. Life is smooth sailing, except for those wascally wittle job applications I have to do. I'm putting them off. Seriously. They're in my bag right now, and I'm pretending that they don't exist.

I thought yesterday of doing Teach for America, but I checked their website and missed the February deadline. That would have been an amazing opportunity and guaranteed job for next year. Should have thought of it sooner.

I have been reading through tons of old blogs in the last couple of days. I realized that while my blog has been pretty light and happy for the most part, I haven't done three best things in a while. I'll probably have more than three.

1. The Book of Mormon. I read this morning about the Nephite and Giddianhi battle and how they hanged the leader on a tree and cut the tree down. So it wasn't too inspiring or fun, but I love being able to find things in that book and relate them to me or my life. Like in that battle when the Nephites drop to their knees in prayer because the enemies look so vicious. The battle is coming, their enemies are approaching, and what do they do? Pray! That's all I can do with my own personal battles and enemies--try my hardest and pray.

2. The beach. I'm super excited to go to the beach as much as I can in the next week and a half. I have essays to grade, but I can happily do that while I tan! There's a peace and comfort and love I feel at the beach that I don't really feel anywhere else.

3. Music and Hotel Cafe. I bought tickets to see Cary Brothers next Friday, April 9th at Hotel Cafe in downtown LA. I am so ecstatic about this because I have tried to see him before but he's never been playing when I come down. I love him! Garden State soundtrack, people. Garden State soundtrack.

4. Cadbury eggs, and my self-control to only have like 10 per day.

5. Sleep. I went to bed too late last night but I will try to go to bed earlier tonight because I really enjoy sleeping. I had weird dreams last night, too. Hm.

6. Lotion. My skin is reptile status scaly in this Utah weather. It is gross, but lotion makes me feel so much better.

7. My dad always making the time to talk to me when I call.

8. Glee coming back on!

9. American Idol tonight.

10. Visiting teaching. I love the girls I visit teach. They're so fun.

On another note, I have a very, very quiet student who doesn't put forth tons of effort in my class. But she bought me a Christmas present. Then she bought me a birthday present. Then she brought me a baked potato she made in her foods class. Then she tried to add me on MySpace. Interesting, eh? True story.

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