Thursday, January 20, 2011

Canned Heat

I had no title for this blog, and that's the last song that played on my iPod as I was leaving the gym today...

Where I did a pretty intense bout of lower body exercises and worked off approximately 380 calories in 35 minutes of cardio.

Today all of my classes were really good. It was surprising. I don't know if it's a conscious decision of mine to be more smiley, positive, patient, or what... Or if it's my new seating chart... Or if it's the kids behaving better... Or if it's a better planned lesson...

But I have already learned all of the names in my 2B class (where all but two or three students are new). And my lesson plans in English and reading today went REALLY well.

In English, we spent the first 45 minutes or so in groups doing mnemonic device posters for our roots and commonly confused words. Some of them came out really cute. A lot of the groups worked well together (I assigned them).

We spent the next 35 minutes doing an anticipation guide for Romeo and Juliet, where students needed to rate the offensiveness of 13 different things (like killing out of revenge, selling drugs, marrying for money, etc.). They love these discussions and always have a lot to say. The anticipation guide talks usually lead to the class getting a little bit out of control, but I prepare for it and just go with it. It takes too much energy to fight it.

For the last 10 minutes or so we watched this really funny video. They laughed and laughed.

I even had one student tell me when class was over, "This was a good class!"

Now, I can't say I get devastated when kids are bored in my class. Because, let's face it, I just can't make everything fun, no matter how hard I try. But when they say that they enjoyed what I prepared, I really love it! I really, really do.

(I have decided that my controlling and obsessive nature works to my advantage with my job. When I've planned something out really well and put in the work, it results in a lot LESS work when it really counts. Putting groups together, planning lessons, finding videos, getting butcher paper, all takes a lot of time. But man, when things run as smoothly as they did today, it's worth it!)

I think they are pumped to read the play, and I'm going to try to keep that momentum going and not get too bogged down in the text and getting it done and everything. I want them to enjoy it and stop fearing Shakespeare.

Anyway, soapbox done.

Today's weather was so beautiful. I mean, 36° is cold, but if it were this sunny and pretty every day, I can't say I'd be as bugged with the cold.

Shower, Target with Rachel, movie or summat else. G'bye!

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