Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Lists Done and Undone

I wanted to blog the other day about how productive I was. But I've been productive and busy pretty much every day.

-I graded and entered lots of stuff at work (journals, late work)
-Had lesson plans go smoothly
-Left work about 3:30
-Went to the gym and did an awesome 50 minute elliptical sesh. (I reached 500 calories before 45 minutes. We'll see how quickly I can get back in shape because I was at one time able to do 800 calories in an hour--400 in 30 minutes).
-I took some grading home and actually finished it!
-I had a yummy healthy dinner
-Watched The Kids Are All Right (Focus Features for the win)

I can't remember what else I did, but I do know that I felt awesome at the end of the day for having done so much.

Tuesday was also really busy... Work, grading, good lessons, class for 2.5 hours, home, and Skyping.

And today's another good one... Work, grading, successful lessons, gym for over an hour, possibly another Skype sesh to come?

I have some grading to do that I brought home with me, but I'm feeling so unmotivated. I'm leaving so much stuff undone that I really need to do. Here's my list so my brain doesn't explode.

-Grading book reviews (these will be fast, I just have to do them. I'm halfway done)
-Grading a roots and commonly confused words test (they just took it today so I'm OK)
-Grading in-class essays (also did that today, so I'm still OK)
-Grading late work and late journals (I torture myself for these kids, seriously)
-Finalizing grades (including citizenship. Needs to be done by Tuesday morning)
-Updating website and absent folder
-Doing seating charts for term 3 (this is for their sake, not mine. I hate doing that.)
-Making copies for term 3 (disclosures, reading logs, late work coupons, hall passes, etc.)
-Making a unit plan/map for term 3 (yeah don't worry that it starts on Tuesday and I have NO idea what I'm doing. But it's cool; it'll get done. I learned that last year.)
-Lesson plans for next week 

-Stop at Discount Tire Co. to get my air pressure fixed (my light has been on for 2-3 days now. oops.)
-Take down Christmas decorations (don't judge me! I was unmotivated on Saturday and had homework to do. I didn't get back from Christmas break till a week after Christmas anyway, so I wasn't home to do it. And I didn't just write several sentences justifying myself!)
-Clean apartment (it's pretty horrific in my opinion)
-Send my sister a baby shower present because I couldn't afford the gas to get down there
-Visit teach my girls (don't worry, I texted them today!)
-Homework for next Tuesday

Here's some good news:
-I am excited to have a non-student day on Friday to get lots of the above stuff done (and Monday off!)
-I am excited to go to the temple on the 22nd. I'm not sure what temple we're going to, but I'm excited!
-I am excited that I got my temple recommend renewed
-I am excited to go home next month
-I am excited that Tonia mentioned on her blog because I've been keeping diligent track of my food and exercise on it for about a week. It's SO motivating and so good for long term changes rather than metabolically damaging quick fixes. I've been talking myself into a permanent, slow change for a few months now.
-I am excited to eat leftover chili
-I am excited about a potential future relationship
-I am excited to sleep tonight.
-I am excited that my birthday is in less than a month!
-I am excited that Glee's gonna come back on next week!

And regardless of what you may be inclined to believe at this point, I did not overuse parentheses in this blog post.

*I have since returned to this blog to cross out the things that I have accomplished. And I am about to do a light cleaning as well.

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