Sunday, January 2, 2011


OK... I'm jumping on the bandwagon and thought I'd mention some highlights from last year--2010.

Birthday dinner with friends

Birthday in Vegas with parents... Criss Angel! My boyfriend. 

My fish surviving

My car getting graffitied on by losers. 

Meeting Cary Brothers and listening to him and taking a picture with him that's really, really ugly


Going to Hawaii

Moving to my apartment, buying furniture and cool grown up stuff like that. 

Rappelling for the first time! (Sorry, this picture is terrible) 

Buying pumpkins with my best friend. 

Christmas with my family...

I guess all in all it has been a really eventful and good year. I mean there's always bad stuff, right? But I made it out of 2010 in one pretty happy and healthy piece.

I can see why people do recaps like this. I had to go back through my pictures for the year. I'm glad I take so many so that I can remember it all. It makes me feel proud to look at all the changes I've been through, the growth, the accomplishments, and the new things I tried.

So, life continues in the same way it's been going, and hopefully even better in 2011. I'm off to bed.

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Rachel said...

yeeeeahh rappelling. summer 2011 must needs see much more of that.