Thursday, January 13, 2011

Woo! Conversation!

Even after having

Vacuumed my whole apartment
Cleaned the bathroom
Wiped down the kitchen
Done dishes
Packed up Christmas
Graded and entered a bunch of stuff

I think the thing that makes me feel most satisfied in a day is having a good conversation. Truly. I can sleep better and more willingly if I've had a good one.

My visiting teachers just left (they were here for like an hour), and it's the first time I've been visit taught... Well... Ever. In five years of singles wards.

I'm not perfect at visiting teaching, but I try SO hard to be diligent about it because I think it's so important. I'm so glad they came.

We talked about movies, our families a little, social tendencies... But the best part was our extensive conversation regarding how lacking we find Stephenie Meyers' fiction and how obsessed we all are with Harry Potter. We had a very deep discussion about Harry Potter and our favorite characters and the differences between the movies and the books.

I'm so glad to find someone who I can talk to about this and not be the only ridiculously emotional and passionate and excited one.

I felt only like a minimal dork.

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