Tuesday, March 11, 2008

El Secreto

First of all, Bri and Aric put this in their blog, so I thought I'd take it just to make everyone else feel inadequate. Buahaha. Just teasing. But seriously.

112 words

Speed test

(P.S. I got 118 WPM after a couple more times)

And before I start working, I wanted to talk about The Secret. I've been trying to use it the last few days. I always try, but especially the last few days. I use it most days at school to get a good parking spot in crazy BYU parking lots. Granted, this is partly a matter of timing as far as arriving when people are leaving. But when lots of cars are in search of a spot, and I manage to have timing good enough to retrieve someone else's spot, I know it's because I was thinking positive.

On Saturday night at work, I was overwhelmed. I really, really needed a slow night so I could get some stuff done for school. It was pretty slow for a Saturday! I was able to get done what I wanted. I know it's because I wasn't saying, "I don't want customers to come in. I don't want to be busy. I don't want to not get homework done." I was saying my desires in positive forms. And I was blessed.

On Mondays at Blockbuster, the drop box is always full. It goes crazy around 5:30 or 6 when people get off work and bring back their movies a day before they're due, usually. Most Mondays make it impossible to keep up. Yesterday, I didn't want the drop box to be crazy. I was so exhausted that I had fallen asleep in some of my classes and sat out in dance. So I decided the drop box would be slow and that I could get some homework done. Well, I finished my reading for short story class, and got almost halfway through my teaching grammar reading. We were pretty busy for Monday night, and on Mondays there's a LOT to do. But I managed to catch back up with the drop box before I left so I could help my manager and coworker out. Anyway, I really have been thinking positive and using it to my advantage.

Yesterday, like I said, I was so exhausted. I wanted to leave school early, but I had a paper to turn in for my short story class (which turned out to be one amazing paper, might I add). I wasn't thinking, "I don't want to be here. I don't want to be in class. I don't want to wait to go home till 3." I was thinking, "I want sleep. I want to go home." So I went to class, and it turns out that my professor prepared for the next class period; he was a day ahead. He couldn't pull something together in the ten minutes he gave us to do group work, so he let us go home early. That was my doing, I tell you. The class can thank me for my commands of the universe.

Anyway, it's sort of a funny thing, but I want to bear testimony of positive thinking/using the Secret. It really is a principle that is in line with the gospel for the most part. Being obedient plus thinking positive yields amazing results. Even if the "law of attraction" is bogus, positive thinking never hurt anyone.


Tracy said...

121 =)

but I'm older, maybe you'll catch up in a couple years hehehe

IAA = fastest typists in all of BYU!

Bri!!! said...

That is AMAZING! I can't believe you can type that fast. WOW! I thought my 65 was great. I have been quite humbled. Is it something you have worked on over the years or has it just come easy for you?

As for the secret, they call it the law of attraction, and putting positive energy out there, but for me what it comes down to is Faith. That is what it is, and we know with faith great miracles can happen. I love this stuff. It does work, and it is super life changing. I am going to send you a conversation I had over a year ago with a good friend of mine about all this. Bri

Cody said...

you know about my love affair with the secret. im glad you're using it and that you're allowing it to work. woot. and as for tracy, she just likes stealing peoples thunder because her parents weren't emotionally available when she was a child.