Thursday, March 13, 2008

I want to take you for granted...

That Matchbox 20 song, "Push" was on last night in Bamboo Hut. One of the lyrics is "I want to take you for granted." I got to thinking about what a horrible perspective that was in a relationship. I've been taken for granted before, and I have done my best to count my blessings and appreciate the people in my life--not take them for granted.

I decided I wanted to write about Tanner. I want to list off all of the things I would miss if I wouldn't have him. And all of the cute things he does. I think focusing on the good brings about more good on both sides. Now any of you who have been around Tanner and I know that we can drive each other nuts. Yep, he drives me nuts! But I love him for it.

Let me tell you about the Tanner that you don't know...

The one who opens my car door for me, even if I am driving.
The one who goes and gets me food and brings it to me at work so I don't starve.
The one who buys me frozen yogurt and brings it to me at work because I'm spoiled.
The one who gets enthusiastic about new clothes that I buy.
The one who looks at me with big eyes and a cute smile on his face--and you know he's thinking something cute.
My Tanner gets pouty as he squeezes me because he "can't hold me close enough."
He looks at me sadly, forehead wrinkled, if he wants more kisses.
He sends me texts that tell me he loves me and misses me.
He apologizes if he upsets me.
He takes me to the movies and to dinner.
He loves roller skating and dancing!
He puts up with my brattiness and PMS.
Tanner is affectionate with me no matter where we are; he always makes me feel wanted.
He pays attention to things I want and like and gets me the cutest presents!--a hair straightener, my bunny, cute teacher stuff, and more!
The cutest was when I could see how excited he was about doing all of that for me.
He is a really good writer.
He communicates verbally VERY well.
Tanner isn't afraid to be vulnerable with me anymore.
He sings beautifully.
He makes me and everyone around him laugh.
He is brilliant, especially with anything computer-related.
He is creative musically and in lots of other ways.
He asks me, "When do I get to see you?" like he wants to see me really bad, as if we don't see each other every day.
He has beautiful eyes and eyelashes!
He has a beautiful smile.
He's an amazing kisser. Yep. I said it.
Tanner is super handsome.
He spends a lot of time to make himself presentable; it's cute that he's like a girl sometimes.
He's really strong!
He is a handyman; he can do, fix, or put together anything!
He holds my hand.
He loves pizza as much as I do.
He adores his mother.
He is very friendly with everyone.
He tells me I make him want to be better.
Tanner challenges me to be better, especially lately.
He gets up early to come to my ward because I'm giving a talk.
He comes with me to church at 9:30 to make sure everyone knows I'm his.
He gets jealous that I dance with other boys in my dance class.
He has a really cute laugh that he makes fun of himself for.
He loves being physically active.
He will watch movies with me, and sometimes he'll watch what I want to watch even if he doesn't want to.
Tanner farts and burps non-stop; I really can't imagine him without his gastrointestinal pyrotechnics.
He eats all of my chips and cookies.
He plays Harry Potter Scene It with me.
He plays terrible jokes on me all the time.
He loves vegetables.
He is very passionate about everything he loves--or doesn't love.
He is so good at his job; as he would be at any job.
He loves animals, especially dogs.
Tanner argues with me just to frustrate me.
He came to surprise me in California. He even put up with the smoke and my crazy family.
He enjoys freak shows at Venice Beach like I do.
He's very expressive; if he really likes something or the way I look or whatever it is, he makes sure you know it.
He likes when I make waffles for him, and he buys me breakfast at Kneaders.
He has nice, big hands, even if he thinks I'm the only one who likes them.
He dresses really nicely.
He always smells so good.
Tanner has the cutest dimples.
He loves the movies that I love.
He also loves shoot 'em up, pointless movies.
He is willing to pray with me and read scriptures with me.
He's always trying so hard to be better.
He makes funny sound effects for everything and uses his hands to demonstrate his imaginings; he's very animated.
Tanner appreciates beauty, especially in women, all kinds of women! He doesn't expect super skinny crazy societally acceptable things.
He is really loud, no matter where we are.
He is fun.
He can laugh at himself for doing something dumb or saying something wrong.
He has a hot beard.
He tickles my neck with his beard.
Tanner lets me tickle him, and he has the cutest giggle.
He likes to drive because the guy is supposed to chauffeur.
He opens the door for me when we walk in somewhere.
He cares more about the quantity of the food than the quality--funny contrast to me.
He is opposite of me in so many ways.
He is spontaneous.
Tanner falls. Tanner doesn't care that he falls. And he falls hard!
My love has a lot of things he wants to accomplish.
He loves people; he likes to serve.
He is so weird. He bought a ninja costume.
He writes in all caps.
He tells me the same stories and experiences over and over again. It's cute.
Tanner is talented. He can do anything he's interested in.
He is very encouraging--my biggest fan.

I could keep going, I'm sure. But I wanted to write down all of the things that make Tanner unique... I wanted to write the reasons that I love him. I wanted to write the things I'd miss if I didn't have him anymore.

Tanner... I love you! :)


Tanner said...

Wow, I pretty much have the cutest girlfriend in the entire world!

You are so cute!! I was smiling so big during that whole thing.

I love you too J. You're so adorable!!

Cody said...

Matchbox 20 gets on my nerves. not a huge fan.

Bri!!! said...

Profound comment Cody LOL! Very cute Janae. Loved it.