Monday, March 24, 2008

Well, I Did It

I went to a cycling class.

There are some big, big changes going on right now in my relationship with Tanner. I'm hoping that they're all for the better. They're changes aimed at helping us. One of these changes is working out together. This will accomplish several things--boost our confidence individually, improve our health, and get us on a schedule with a bedtime. When I realized this step absolutely needed to be taken, I got on 24 Hour Fitness' website last week to see if their class schedule was online. It was!

So Tanner and I decided to do the Cycle class Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 5:45 AM. Tuesday and Thursday we will lift from 6 to 7. I've decided that (since my former schedule was different, I lifted three days a week) I need to make a plan for what to work out on those two days. Tuesday will be upper body (biceps, triceps, forearms, shoulders, chest) and back. Thursday will be lower body (calves, quads, hamstrings, gluteus) and abs. I will lift for 45 minutes and do cardio for 15, or just for the rest of the hour whenever I'm done lifting. I did some quick research--thanks Google--on whether lifting or doing cardio first is more effective. Turns out lifting is more effective when you do it first, followed by cardio.

Tanner and I are also aiming to eat healthier, and eat out less, which we've actually done considerably well on in the last week plus. Fortunately, I love eating well. It took me a while to learn to love it, and I had to learn what ways would make it easiest and most motivating for me. For example, I like buying the party trays of vegetables. It's prepared, it's washed, it's easy. So that's the best way for me to do veggies.

Eventually, if Tanner moves to Crestwood, we will try to do Body for Life. I don't know how committed I am to that--it's much easier for me to just eat well and not too much as well as work out. I enjoy living that way.

My lungs have been stretched to their capacity today, I think. Fortunately I only got dizzy during the class once, and it really wasn't too bad at all. Going at my own pace was definitely a necessity to start exercising again after a couple months of being out of it. I was still able to push myself and get a good workout.

My bum was really uncomfortable on that seat. I was dripping sweat big time. I was so, so stinky. It was glorious. I saw Tanner look at me several times, and I didn't look back at him. He was probably just making sure I wasn't going to pass out and fall off my bike. Unfortunately, this cycling thing was new and uncomfortable for me, and I don't really like being looked at or talked to while I'm working out. haha. It's a very personal thing for me, as weird as that might sound. Although the support of having someone to be at the gym with so early at the same time is really helpful!

I managed to keep up quite a bit, when we were "out of the saddle" and stuff, I did alright with keeping up. I tried to keep my intensity up, and I will do even better on Wednesday in a class with "Chris."

So this commitment is really fun and immensely helpful for Tanner and I, I think. Relationships are interesting... I learn a lot about myself all the time. It's a constant challenge, anything from trying to communicate how you feel, to learning how to forgive, to trying something new and outside of your comfort zone. Oh life, what growth you provide.

Three best things:

1. A nice gym facility
2. A boyfriend who likes to be active
3. A cute grandma who gives me lots of things for Easter


Hambone Jacobs said...

Very impressive. I have to say that the cycling workout is brutal. I tried to do and couldn't stay on because I was in fear of never being able to have children... ever. I don't think they realize how uncomfortable that feels like. Those are made for MEN... I feel like I am riding a pole. (bad visual... sorry) I haven't been going at 6 for the last week. Been going at 7 but will start up again in the summer... at 6. I will see you then.

Cody said...

I would pay money to see you tan and aric all dripping with sweat and being yelled at by the she devil. did you see Aric's picture in his blog that is supposed to be a representation of her. i LOLed. Well keep it up! i think its awesome you guys are doing this!

Bri!!! said...

First of all, thanks for your comment on my blog. It was very sweet. Second of all, I'm very excited that you are helping Tanner to get back in a routine. It will be so awesome for the both of you. Cycling classes are brutal. I said this on Arics blog but I believe they are the highest calorie burning cardio class offered. Very cool. K, so for it to be more comfy you need to get padded biking shorts. It will make all the difference. I'm excited for you both. Keep it up. Bri

Tanner said...

We're going to be so freaking hot for our cruise. People's heads will turn!

Thanks for coming with me this morning! You are the best girlfriend ever!

I love you!

Rachel said...

Way to go!
Having a set schedule is really good, and I know you're the kind of person who will stick to it.