Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Productivity, How I Love Thee

If there's one thing I know about myself, it is that I have a dire need to be productive. I stayed home from school on Monday, which I surprisingly had zero qualms about. This was partly because I was still feeling very weak, and partly because I always decide that I won't let missing school get me behind. I got up and got ready for the day, sat down and wrote everything needed for Wednesday's preparation in my planner. I then walked to the gas station to buy some Gatorade upon my father's instruction. I hate Gatorade. But he said I needed it more than water because of the minerals and electrolytes and whatnot.

It was gross, just like I remembered it.

I wrote in my planner according to due date/class time. So first is my 329 class, then mission prep, then Spanish, and then short story. I did my 329 reading on my bed. I also did my short story reading, and had to finish some after Tanner came over. I had nothing for mission prep, and today I have already done the reading for my Spanish.

In addition to that I have brainstormed topics for my research paper in short story class, and for my essay in Spanish as well.

I have also come up with good ideas (and already made some purchases) for Tanner's birthday present. I've outdone myself before, so it's hard to come up with anything now. But it should be OK. :) He is usually good at being enthusiastic about things.

I am leaving work soon and will go to Wal Mart where I will purchase some much needed items for my apartment and well-being, as well as Easter stuff for Tanner. :) After that, since I have brainstormed paper topics and therefore feel like I am in a good spot, I might consider taking a nap.

I know a lot of people think it's weird or even envy my ability to plan so far in advance and be disciplined enough to get things done... But I really need it to feel happy. I like checking things off a checklist. I like feeling like I have the freedom to spend my time how I please without feeling like I should be doing something more.

Three best things:

1. Tanner: We're making progress and doing good things and having good conversations. I'm particularly grateful for a spiritual connection we got to share yesterday.
2. My job: I work with great people, and it's so flexible and laid back. My boss texted me to see if I was feeling better, just because she wanted to know!
3. Money: While I do think I have had some difficult times, I am not in debt and I work enough to have money to spend. It's really nice, and I appreciate being able to live so comfortably as a supposedly "poor" student.

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Cody said...

time management is definitely something i could learn to do better. oh and you know i approve of tanner's presents.